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Creating images and designs for blogs and social media is painless using LaughingBird software. Check out the images I was able to put together quickly and you'll see why anyone can look like a pro using it.


Today I decided to share what I’m using to create my most recent images. I’ve had a hard time trying to decide what to buy for the past 6 months. I came real close to paying someone to do these images for me but at last I found LaughingBird designer software and it is PERFECT!

Even though I have Photoshop, I’ve struggled for years to create graphics that looked even remotely professional. Photoshop is awesome if you have designing skills, but you can really get lost and spend far too much time in that program if you’re not a designer.

However, this software program is different. I’m going to share with you the images I’ve created just after buying this software 2 days ago.

buy laughingbird software onlinelaughingbird software reviewThis one to the far left here is what I used on my blog for a Featured item (picture) on the front when it was first posted.

I created the one to the right of that image for my account on Pinterest.

should i vaccinate my childThis image here is my very first image created using this software. The image I used was taken from a free picture site online, I think, and the icons, those cute little hearts and the arrow are part of the Social Media package. Hm… maybe the arrow is part of the Logo package?

Anyway, I got a bundle when I joined the monthly membership program. I can see I’m going to be using this software a lot.


Demo of laughingbird softwareOh, and you can go to the main area of this blog, and check out some of the images yourself.

You can tell the past images I have used a screen capture program Lightshot (which is a really nice free screenshot program). The difference between this software and using Lightshot are too ridiculous to point out. Or should I say obvious? 😉

Right now my camtasia (the newest version) is not working right so I won’t be able to show you any tutorials for now, however, Marc, the creator has plenty to help you get started.

If you are creating any images for your site, check out this software. It’s extremely affordable. I joined the monthly graphics program and would recommend you do as well. At least for the first month so you can understand all that Marc has to offer with his private FB group etc.

If you have any questions, post them below and I’ll be happy to answer them asap. The links to the software include my affiliate ID. Should you decide to buy the software I appreciate your support as I will receive a small commission. 🙂




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