5 Brain Hacks That Could Save Your Life!

Do you suffer from memory loss, brain fog, and sometimes loss for words? Feeling forgetful, unable to recall why you are standing in your kitchen or living room? It's time to hack your brain and enhance and increase your ability to think clearly. Read these tips for fast and easy brain boosting hacks.


And if not our life, at least the “Life” of your brain cells within our skull.

If you find yourself annoyed or flustered because you’re standing in a room without a clue what it is you wanted to do next, you’re among billions of people who experience this now and then.

Most likely it’s nothing to worry about. Even children and teens will experience a temporary lack of focus that leads to this type of forgetfulness. It may be a normal part of aging, but it can also indicate something much more serious.

Why You Should Learn How
To hack Your Brain now

Boosting your brain’s capacity to learn is important for a variety of reasons.

  1. Lower your risk in developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Lower your risk of accidental damage you may not realize you’re already doing.
  3. Improve your capacity to do more, enjoy more, and fine more enjoyment in life.
  4. Prevent health issues that can build over time but can not be reversed once discovered.

The Scary thing about our brains

ways to improve memory9 out of 10 people with memory issues, brain fog, and a diminishing ability to learn new things are simply experiencing the affects of aging.

Why 9 out of 10 people? The reason for that number is because statistically, 1 out of every 10 people ages 65 and older has or will get Alzheimer’s disease.

Out of the estimated 5.4 million people 65 years and old who have this disease, 200,000 are younger than 65. There are some who have begun showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease as early as their 30’s and 40’s.

While there may be difficulty in understanding our brains completely, there are things we can do to prolong or forestall it’s diminishing capacity as we age.

There are things you can do that will lower your risk for Alzheimer’s disease as well as improving your memory and sharpen your focus.

Hack #1 Oxygenating Your Brain

It’s a no-brainer to say that our brains need oxygen. So it makes sense to pay attention to how we not only delivery oxygen to it, but what we may be doing that would decrease the flow of oxygen to our brain.

Meditation and deep breathing exercises are the prefect activities that deliver many mind and body benefits, and more oxygen to our brains is one of them. There are very simple ways you can meditate that require just a few minutes of your time. Click here to see what other people are finding helpful.

When the brain is not getting enough oxygen it’s referred to as brain hypoxia. There are serious medical conditions that will do this, however, those are not things we do on purpose. The things that we can avoid doing are what I want to share with you here.

Sports and Hobbies
WEAR the proper gear!

Brain Hack #2 This is a true – NO-BRAINER!

You’ll find a lot of brain hack advice online and via video on YouTube. When writing this article I decided to think a little outside the box for the content section.

Why? Because believe it or not one of the most common ways to hack our brain is to actually begin by protecting it. Protecting it from what? Brain hypoxia. What’s that you say? Brain hypoxia happens when your brain is not getting enough oxygen. There are many reasons why this can happen including, suffocation and cardiac arrest.

A great deal of brain injuries which cause brain hypoxia are preventable. It may be funny to watch a friend slip or stumble from stepping in something smelly as long as it doesn’t result in a hard hit to the head. Sometimes it’s fun to prank or be pranked by our friends and family where we end up getting dunked into the pool.

But there are times to be silly, and times to use that wonderful brain of ours and make sure we take the proper steps to prevent serious accidents and even death. All that is required is to WEAR THE PROPER GEAR!

protecting your brainWearing Helmets: Children and teens are susceptible at a very early age to brain injury because they do not have the knowledge or wisdom that increases as we age. They cannot make wise decisions and some children take more risks than others.

Helmets should be worn to protect their brains when involved in any sport or hobby such as riding a bike.

Any sport where head injuries are common are vulnerable to brain hypoxia. Adults too are at risk for brain hypoxia when playing football even as a hobby and should have the proper gear for the sport they are involved in.

LifeJackets: Swimming and boating accidents happen due to people not taking the proper precautions around water events. Anytime you’re in a boat there should be enough lifejackets for everyone in it. And they should be inspected before each and every trip on the water.

Anyone who does not know how to swim should wear a lifejacket at all times in the water and children should wear them when they are anywhere near water.

So, when it comes to brain hypoxia, protect your family and your own brain by using common sense and making sure it’s protected from any sport or hobby where the brain may be at risk.

use it or lose it

Brain Hack #3 Watching TV – To Learn or To Experience

how to improve your memoryWatching TV can become a mind-numbing experience or a real brain teaser that helps it grow. Not in size of course 😉

Guess what? The jury is out on this one. Yep, the information is complicated and really blurry as far as I can tell.

So, while watching a lot of TV will deprive your body of fresh air and the exercise of your body that comes with moving around while not starting at some type of screen, digital or otherwise…

The goal of this brain hack is to find a way to increase your brain capacity by choosing to learn a new skill while watching videos on your TV or digital devices.

YouTube is truly an amazing place to experience this. These past few months I’ve been watching YouTube to learn how to bake bread, pizza, and put meals together for a buck or less.

I’ve also learned how to create animated videos such as you’ll find on this site and this page once I get it finished. 🙂

Learning new things helps to forestall your brains diminishing capacity for learning as you age. You can do this in many different ways. I selected TV because today so many people are using their digital devices to in a sense, watch TV all day long.

If you’re going to stare at your digital device why not give your brain a good workout and watch a video that will teach you a new skill or something new about the world around you.

What You put into
your body matters

Brain Hack #4: Nutrition, Herbs and Spicesbrain health tipsYou’ve heard it before, eating better means you’ll have better health. Yah, yah… but did you know that depriving your body of some nutrients could increase your risk for Alzheimer’s disease and at the very least, cause brain fog and memory issues?

Brain fog and a lack of focus can not only be frustrating but it can lead to stress, depression and anxiety. So, here’s a few things to consider adding into your day that will help boost your brain power.

  1. Eating a hearty breakfast. Research has proven that people who eat breakfast score higher on tests than those who don’t. Even if you’re not going to take a test, it’s plan to see that eating breakfast in the morning is good for your brain – just do it!
  2. Vitamin B1, B3, B6, and B12 are vital to your brain health. These vitamins can help decrease anxiety, depression and provide a sense of well-being. You can get a good dose of these B vitamins by taking a quality supplement daily and or increasing the foods that contain these vitamins in your diet.

The Most Powerful Brain Hack

Brain Hack #5 – Tell your brain how smart you are. Seriously… We talk to ourselves all the time. And our subconscious is “always” listening. Create a list of positive affirmation to replace every negative thought that you find yourself thinking.

Example: I feel like crap. As soon as you say this in your head, replace it with, “I feel super because I’m awesome.” Repeat that 10 or 20 times. When you hear yourself saying something bad or negative about “yourself”, imagine taking a snapshot of what you said then blow it up, light it on fire, or run it through a shredder in your mind.

Let me tell you a little story about success and how people who have it think. The year my corporation earned $242,000 I was invited to sit down with 4 other 6 figure marketers. And we had a great time joking, laughing and teasing each other.

Fun times… but then we all got serious when our host asked us this question, “What do you think is the most important thing that you have done to become successful?”

You know what the answer was? It was the same one for all of us. We all talked to ourselves in a positive way. We all understood the importance of self-appreciation. And if you watch a Tony Robbins video you’ll notice his entire being is all about making sure you think you are awesome. Because berating yourself and talking down to yourself does nothing good.

So take this last brain hack “to the bank”. You want to empower yourself to have a wonderful day? Then make sure you are saying that everyday.

I am successful, everything I touch becomes successful…

I’m excited about my day, I’m excited about tomorrow…

I love to give, I’m enjoy giving and how it makes me feel awesome.

You get the point here. Positive affirmations work!

My life has been full of serious pitfalls. And I will many times fail to say my affirmations because life sort of pulls you this way and that and you lose your center. Yet, once I do get my brain back into gear, thinking positively as I want it to think, I always find my days full of more smiles, hugs, fun, and laughter.

Loving life, living well, and finding yourself happy is within your ability because these things live right inside your BRAIN! HACK your BRAIN and make it think what you WANT it to think. Do that and you’re going to FEEL wonderful – if that’s what you want to feel 😉
The exciting part of hacking your brain is that your brain is just like a muscle. It can be “hacked” at any age. 


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