3 Weird Beauty Hacks That Work!

Why spend $10 to $100 on tightening your skin when a peach pit will do the trick? Need a little color on your face? Avoid the cakey powder look using items you normally toss in the trash!


Did you know that many of the things we toss in the trash will accomplish what some people pay hundreds of dollars for?

Firming up your face, unclogging pores, putting on the perfect tan, these procedures can costs hundreds of dollars per year.

Why pay for $10, $20 or over $100 when you can have the same results for a fraction of the costs, or even for free?

Environmentally Safe and Toxin-Free

#1 Facial Treatments: Tea Bags, Peach Pits and Banana Peals

Tea bags are great for making tea but the benefits don’t stop there. Before you toss your next tea bag in the trash consider all the wonderful ways you can reuse it.

  • Green tea bags for wrinkle reduction.

    Facial Beauty Hack –  You might be aware of the therapeutic benefits of drinking green tea. But you may never have considered re-purposing the used up tea bag. This little trick will give your face a pretty glow. Start using this hack today and you’ll discover that there is more than one way to use a tea bag.

    Once you have used up a tea bag don’t just toss it in the trash. Now it’s time to cut it open and empty the contents into a small cup. Add a little honey and make a paste, then apply to your face. Make sure you wash your face first. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse it off.

  • You'll never toss another one in the trash once you learn the wonderful peach pit facial hack.
    You’ll never toss another one in the trash once you learn the wonderful peach pit facial hack.

    The Peach Pit Facial – If you love to eat peaches it’s time to put the pits to good use. Take a single peach pit and use a blender to grind it up with 1 tablespoon of brandy.

    Dampen your face, then smooth the puree onto your skin and allow it to dry for 20 minutes before you rinse it off.

    Don’t save any leftover puree. And if you need more than a single pit simply double the recipe. If you don’t have brandy, try it with vodka or some other liquor or perhaps you can snag a bit of brandy from a friend.

    The results are super and you’re friends will be love you for this great money-saving facial tip.

  • Banana peel acne treatment
    Health benefits of the banana just keep on getting better and better!

    Banana Peel Wrinkle Reduction – This wrinkle reduction hack is 100% free!(But you do have to buy the banana’s.) Just a little research reveals just how versatile Banana peels are. You may have heard you can shine up a pair of dress shoes with the inside of a banana peel, or relieve mosquito bites, even whiten your teeth. But this FREE hack addresses something that people would and do pay thousands of dollars for: Trying to look younger.

    The inside of the banana peel contains properties known to help in removing or reducing wrinkles.

    There are countless products that claim to remove or reduce wrinkles. What’s shocking is that the majority of these products are literally thrown to the public with very little verification of their effectiveness.

    So while this wrinkle reduction hack may not turn back time and give you the youthful wrinkle-free face of your teens, it can help reduce the depth of your wrinkles and or remove some of the smaller ones.

    The key to remember here is that natural remedies that work well take time. Take a picture before you start, and then every 2 weeks take another so you can monitor your progress. After a couple of months (or less) compare your before and after pictures. This is a good way to see the long term benefits that using this hack may bring to you.

    It’s easy to apply this banana peel hack, simply rub the inner portion of the peel on your wrinkles, keeping the peel out of sensitive areas such as your eyes.

Hiding the face from embarrassing acneBanana Peel Acne Treatment – Acne is an embarrassing, frustrating problem for many teens and adults.Treatments can be very expensive. And while they can help in the short term, some of the stronger prescription medications have long term unwanted side effects. Even the medical industry is unsure how you will be affected by some popular acne treatments over time. And it should come as no surprise that medications once deemed safe have been shown to be anything but.

That is why trying these natural remedies are well worth it.

Many acne sufferers who have tried this hack have experienced relief by seeing a lightening of dark spots after pimples are gone, reducing and or eliminating redness (inflamed areas), and a reduction of outbreaks.




To treat acne with a section of a banana peel you’ll want to first wash your face with soap and water to remove any dirt and oil on your skin. You can allow your skin to air dry or gently pat the affected area dry with a soft cloth.

Use a banana peel from a nicely ripened banana. Cut about a once inch square from the peeling and apply gently without scrubbing to any affected area until the peel turns brown. Leave the residue on for a minimum of 30 minutes. If you can try leaving it on for 2 or 3 hours and even overnight.

Gently wash off the residue once you’re ready to remove it and repeat 2 to 3 times per day. If you apply this before bedtime you can leave it on all night.

According to Dr. Anthony Youn within 3 to 4 days many people find the inflammation and acne filled areas are much better.

The antioxidants and fatty acids that sooth the skin.

The following screenshot was taken from Acne.org where someone posted their results. Due to my background in online marketing I’m generally skeptical of online reviews. Often the reviewers are compensated in some way, which can easily skew the review.

However, there’s no product involved in this review, just a banana peel, so I thought it was well worth posting.

Review found on Acne.org.
Review found on Acne.org.

And there ya go. Three things you would normally place into the trash that can now benefit you in a natural and healthy way. Not to mention save you some cash.

Recently, I’ve noticed banana’s getting a LOT of attention and I started to wonder… if the peel is so good for our skin, is it good for our gut too?

And the answer is YES! I was shocked. I’m finding more and more that so much of what we consider to be food trash has great value. Often what is discarded is more beneficial than the part we eat.

So, my next article will be dedicated to learning how to use more of what we toss in the trash, like banana peels, or peach pits. Your first reaction to eating a banana peel is probably the same as mine – yuck. But my second reaction was hmm. . . I wonder if I could come up with a good recipe for that one?

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