12 Hacks To Wake Up Feeling Better!

If you have trouble waking up in the morning you may be surprised at the root cause. Start your day with a more refreshed feeling by using these proven to work 12 sleeping and waking up hacks.


Wake Up Faster and More Refreshed!

laughingbird software reviewThe first thing to help you wake up faster and more refreshed is to get to the root cause of why you wake up so groggy and or grumpy. Addressing the root cause will help these 5 hacks to wake up better be even more effective.

These sleep hacks will help you get to sleep faster and enjoy a more restful sleep so you can wake up ready to start a new day with a smile on your face.

Getting to sleep faster and staying asleep is a vital step in keep your grump-zombie away. First up, 7 hacks to help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer, followed by 5 hacks to help you wake up more refreshed and less groggy.

7 Sleep Hacks to Prevent Waking Up
Feeling Like a Grump-Zombie

REM sleep cycleIf waking up in the morning requires a loud obnoxious alarm buzzer or several hits of the snooze button and you feel like a walking zombie for the next couple of hours, you’re probably experiencing the interruption of your REM sleep cycle.

REM sleep is vital to waking up feeling refreshed as well as preventing many other health issues that can develop as a result of restless sleep cycles.

Use these tips to help your brain ease into your REM sleep faster and allow your body and mind to get the restful sleep it craves so you can wake up without the Grump-Zombies.

#1 Quit or Adjust TV Watching Before Bed

Watching TV before bed can actually help you get to sleep faster as long as you’re not interested in what’s on the Tube. However, if you’re watching TV programs that activate your mind and keep you wondering what’s going to happen next, you may be giving your morning Grump-Zombie an unhealthy feasting during your sleep cycle.

If you find the need to watch TV in order to get that groggy feeling started, try watching a TV program you’ve seen before or something you find a bit boring. This works best when you have a TV with a sleep timer. Waking up to turn the TV off once you’ve fallen asleep interrupts your sleep cycles.

It pretty much defeats the purpose of getting to sleep faster. :/

Try turning off the TV before you sleep and reading a few pages of a good book. Something out of the less thrill-seeking, brain-jarring niches. You may find that reading a book can make your brain tired in a much better way than watching TV does.

However, it’s best to read from a non-digital device as digital devices are known to cause stress on the brain rather than help it get a more restful sleep.

#2 Eliminate Late Night Eating & Drinking

Learn your digestive time-zone. Some people can fall asleep more easily when they stop eating at least 3 to 4 hours before they go to bed. This is because some ingredients or food groups may require a longer period of time to digest and process such as hot spicy foods, pizza and sugary deserts.

Try testing your digestive time zone 30 minutes at a time. Start by giving yourself at least 30 minutes more than you typically stop eating before bed. Increase your time zone until you find the sweet spot. The side benefit may be a little unexpected but welcomed weight loss.

#3 Bed Time Rituals

Get yourself into bed and out of bed at the same time every morning. Your brain can be trained to fall asleep faster once you establish a pattern of getting to bed every night at the same time. The same applies for waking up in the morning.

Establish a routine before you sleep using the next tips to help you get more restful sleep.

#4 The 30 Minute Prep Before
Bedtime Routine

Stop drinking liquids.
Brush your teeth.
Take a hot shower.
Do your night time checks if you have them; lights off, alarms on, take care of pet needs, and any other tasks you need to do before bed. Get them done so you have 30 minutes of rest before you head for bed.

#5 Deep Breathing

During your 30 minutes before bed try giving your mind a break by focusing on your breathing. Amazing things happen when you take just a few minutes every day to do this.

The more you learn to focus on your breathing rather than allowing your mind to wonder, the better you become at focusing your mind on what you want rather than what it wants.

And what you want to focus on is allowing your mind to rest rather than worry or think about tomorrow.

#6 Meditation To Lower and Eliminate
Anxiety and Worry

Meditating on positive things can relax your brain and calm your mind. Affirmations are some of the best ways to get your mind out of the worry and anxiety zone and into a calm restful sleep zone.

One of your affirmations could include, “I am always calm and ready to fall asleep fast when my head hits the pillow. I never worry about tomorrow because tomorrow is going to be a perfect day.”

#7 Stretching to Ease Stress
and Relax Your Body

Gently stretching your neck, shoulder, back, hips, and leg muscles can help ease the tension out of your body so your mind can focus on getting to sleep faster.

5 Sleep Hacks To Help You
Wake Up Faster, Less Grumpy

The above sleep hacks help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep faster. However, some of us are simply not morning people. Even when we get enough sleep we just seem to wake up like a grump-zombie. These next 6 hacks will help you get rid of your grump-zombie faster and maybe even for good!

Waking up at the same time of day

Waking up at the same time every morning is just as important as going to bed at the same time every night. Giving yourself a break on the weekends could be sending your body the wrong signals and breaking it’s ability to generate a consistent sleep cycle.

Our bodies love patterns. Creating up consistent routine or wake-up pattern will help establish a pattern that your brain and body will adjust and look forward to.

Try these tips to get your morning mojo working. The order you do them is up to you.

1. A hot-cold shower. Try switching from hot to cold 3 or 4 times. This will increase blood flow and it actually helps boost your immune system.

2. Take 5 to stretch and another 5 to 15 minutes for jumping jacks and a few other simple exercises, and or a quick walk or job around the block, local park or up and down your stairs if you have them. It’s easier after you shower, but it’s a good way to wake up your body before or after you shower.

3. Drink a full glass of water and rehydrate your body. To make your drink more palatible or more potent, try drinking your water with lemon and honey.

4. Have a hot cup of tea or coffee. OK, this one may be obvious, but the trick for people who are walking grump-zombies you may want to get your coffee maker set up the night before so it’s ready and waiting for you when you need it the most.

5. Energy Smoothies. Prepare and freeze a week’s worth of morning energizing smoothies. Simple take out of your freezer and poor into your blender for a good morning wake up smoothie.

Good Restful Sleep Is Worth
Time And Effort To Gain!

The idea that you can do this overnight or even within a month or two should be kicked out the window. Every brain and body responds uniquely so give yourself time to train your brain and body to do what you want.

Just to give you an idea of how long yet worth it these tips can be let me share my personal experience with you. In 1998 I woke up one morning at 3:30 am. I did not break this pattern until about November of 2015! It took me about 6 months to break this pattern.

So, just because something doesn’t work immediately, doesn’t mean it’s not worth sticking with it. What helps me sleep longer is going to “bed” at the same time every night and forcing myself to stay in bed until the same time every morning. The tips above are about waking up so I didn’t include this particular hack here, but it was worth mentioning that it could take you 6 months or longer to overcome a specific sleep issue.

Don’t give up. Establish your routines. These hacks are golden even if you don’t feel they are working, they are wonderful for your mind and body.

Regarding everyone being unique… I did not know I had Lyme disease until 2017. I suspected it, but it was not confirmed until recently. I have many health issues that do not respond to health remedies the same way they do for healthy people. But I don’t give up and over time I am rewarded.

Today I can sleep in till 5:00 am 3 or more times a week. Sometimes even 6:00 am! Don’t give up – your worth it!

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