Shocking Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You

Did you know that DEATH is a LISTED side effect of some medications? Do you know the risks of the medications you are taking when eating specific foods? This article covers information that is critical for you to know. Please read, share, and LIKE this article with those you love and care about.


Do you know anyone who has died in their sleep as a result of the prescription medications they were taking? I do. In fact, I know two. And I believe I may have lost my husband in the same way if I did not take steps to get him off of the 7 medications he was taking.

The deadly side effects?

Death – I’d say that’s a priority for your doctor to discuss with you and one that should not be covered lightly. They DO exist. And in case you have yet to hear them… they do acknowledge it in certain commercial ads.

Suicidal Thoughts – Translation? It means you will be in so much agony you will want to die and think about it all the time until you get relief one way or another. VITAL that you please share this article if you care about people you know who are taking pain medications or any other types of medications without a full understanding over the risks.

What You Need to Know About
Prescription Medication

ONE: Medications do not always interact together safely
in your body. Some medications and their side effectsmedications are safe to take with other medications, however, what is safe for one person may not be safe for another.

TWO: Just because your doctor prescribed a medication does not mean it is safe for you to take it. All medications have a list of side effects which you should discuss not only with your doctor, but you have the opportunity to discuss with your pharmacist.

THREE: Not all side effects are listed because not all side effects have been revealed during studies. Be sure to discuss any new symptoms with your doctor after taking any new medication.

FOUR: Herbs, caffeine, vitamins, and foods can cause serious interactions with prescription and over the counter medications. Some of the side effects can be as serious as death or other health issues that cannot be overcome.

FIVE: Doctors do not have all the answers. They think in terms of medications as the solution to health issues such as high blood pressure, restless legs, muscle cramps, pain, and other conditions. The more medications you are taking the higher the risk in having more serious side effects.

What This Means to You

what foods to avoid with specific medicatonsA. It means you need to be truthful with your doctor about the types of over the counter medications you are taking when taking prescription medication. It is vital you do this so they can look at the risks and side effects. If you don’t tell, they won’t always ask.

B. It means you must do your own research to learn more about the medications you are taking. Most doctors will not tell you that eating Kale, grapefruit, or licorice, salami, or walnuts should not be consumed while you are taking certain medications.

C. Understand what foods to avoid when taking medications. That includes what herbs, vitamins, supplements, and liquids to avoid.

Examples: A high fiber diet is recommended for a healthy intestinal tract. However, this can lead to complications when taking a medication such as Digoxin. Grapefruits have many wonderful health benefits such as lowering belly fat, yet it should not be eaten while taking a variety of medications. *My husband was not told this by his doctor when prescribed medication for his high blood pressure.

Death is a known Side Effect

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