10 Metabolism Boosting Strategies That Work!


Having a hard time with your metabolism slowing down your weight loss? Wouldn’t it be great if you could eat MORE and still give your metabolism a 20% to 30% calorie-burning boost?

eat more lose more!

You may be able to speed up your calorie burning engine simply by adding in a few metabolism boosters.

Even better! If you’re used to eating just 3 or 4 times per day you may find that simply adding 2 or 3 more meals a day (we’ll call them snacks) you will start to see the weight fall off.

When you eat every 3 hours, even if it’s just a 100 calorie (good fresh non-processed food snack), you’re enjoying the benefits of having your metabolism run at optimum speed. However, if you skip those hearty snacks during the day and actually go past the 4 hour mark you’ll lower your daily caloric need by 20%!

That means if your body burns 2,000 calories at an optimum metabolic speed, lowering it by 20% means you lower your caloric need by 400 calories. WOW! Do you know what you could eat in those 400 calories?

1 Large Apple – 100 calories
1 Large Scrambled Egg on a Whole Wheat Muffin – 225 calories (including a tiny smear of mayonnaise)
1 Really yummy protein bar – 200 calories.


If you do this again, skipping food and waiting another 4 hours to eat, you lower your daily requirement another 10% for a whopping total of lowering your body’s daily requirement down by 600 calories!

Imagine that? Some of you lucky individuals struggling with weight gain or loss may just have to eat more often during the day rather than going on some diet or even considering weight loss surgery!

As you can see, by eating more often, at least 6 times per day, you could increase your bodies to process as much as 600 more daily calories. This of course is based on a 2,000 calorie daily requirement.

We can’t all have such luck so if trying this wonderful little twist of how you eat doesn’t work… it’s time to face a few other possibilities. And depending on how you look at it, it could be good news or…

feed your brain – not your tummy

The dreaded couch potato. Sitting around while watching TV and eating snacks for a good portion of the day or night can ruin our health. Depression, stress, and down-right boredom can put us into a TV binging stupor.

Ok, so you’re a couch potato. The fact is your depression, stress, and boredom may be linked to feeling sluggish and or depressed from … well… feeling fat, being fat and that feeling of self-loathing that’s almost impossible to ignore on any given day because you are most definitely – fat.

Now I may be talking about how I personally felt here but my guess is if you’re 50 to 100 lbs or more overweight you’re nodding your head in agreement with just about everything I’m saying.

You feel me? Yah, I bet you do.

After you lose some weight and feel that energy coming back…

See yourself in the mirror and SMILE rather than focus on trying to keep down the gag-reflex. You’ll be happy to begin creating wonderful new habits like walking 20 to 30 minutes 3, 4 or even 5 times a week, riding a stationary bike or dancing to music.

When the weight comes off you begin to feel the spring coming back in your steps. Life suddenly offers more options. You have the energy to clean house, cook, wash dishes, walk the dog, and visit friends.


OK those are the good things that come out of turning off the “need” for the TV binging. Let’s move on and think about how to put your metabolism on overdrive by including some natural metabolism boosting foods.

One of my favorite foods to add into sandwiches, taco’s, and scoop up with chips… The wonderful food that includes the good omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart and 9 essential amino acids, which are good for your stomach.

Introducing the wonderful “fruit” called the Avocado!

avocado#1 Avocados – Yep, it’s a fruit. Personally I think it should be called the squishy potato, but that’s just me. You can add it to salads, sandwiches, and make guacamole which is by far one of my favorite ways to enjoy avocados.

#2 Tempeh –  Next on the list of weird and wacky metabolic wonders is Tempeh, which is actually a type of fermented tofu.

Tempeh has lots of protein for sustained energy. Some vegetarians eat tempeh in place of meat, and it’s a great topping for salads. You can even make a burger or filling in your taco’s out of tempeh.

Now this next one is something that I use to settle my anxiety and need to bing. Not on TV, but binging on food. Any food. Those days when no matter what you eat, you know you’re not going to be satisfied.

This is by far, the BEST food to stuff your gut with. Even if it’s just an inky dinky one due to gastric sleeve surgery.


Asparagus! The Super Food With Bing-Management Build Right In!

#3 Asparagus – Asparagus actually has a good amount of protein (4.4 grams per cup) and is also high in fiber. Plus, they are super low in calories. 1 cup of steamed or boiled is just 40 calories. With a tiny stomach you can munch on these wonderful spears of goodness all day long with zero binging guilt.

When I’m feeling the need to bing, I open up a bag of Trader Joe’s frozen asparagus, plop them in a sauce pan, add a little chicken broth and steam them a bit. It takes me about 2 hours to eat the entire bag. But it totally satisfies my need to munch and eat without a worry in my head about overeating.

You simply cannot over eat asparagus!

The next thing to do is consider adding more fiber in your diet which can definitely up your calorie-burning game not to mention a few other great health improvements. If you’ve had any issues with constipation after gastric sleeve surgery, this next food will not only help in moving things along, it will help keep you satiated (feeling full and happy).

Continue for 4 – 10 and more. 🙂

Share your thoughts. :)

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