3 Proven Techniques to Improve Sleep

Can't sleep? Having problems falling asleep or staying asleep? With a little bit of training your brain can learn to get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. The solutions to your sleep problem may very well be within your reach today.


calming the heart for better sleepSleeping Hack #1 – There are many ways you can look into to improve your sleep. Meditation is one of them.

There are several different ways you can meditate. Years ago I would never have considered meditation.

The way it was described to me did not fit within my comfort zone.

However, as I have learned more about it, I realized there is more than one way to meditate. Have a look at the following meditation techniques. If one or more sounds good to you, try them. You can also do some further research to learn more about each of these technique.

#2 Emotional Freedom Technique (EMT)

emotional anxiety relief using EFTI’m not sure if this “technically” qualifies as meditation but to me it makes sense to place it into this category.

EMT is used to help calm the mind and heart of past trauma. Our sleep can be greatly affected by the past, especially things that have caused us great distress and emotional pain.

EMT involves touching specific points on your face and fingers as well as a few places on your body. While doing so you say some specific things that help calm your mind. In addition it appears to separate the trauma from the memory.

If you want to look into EMT you can find a great deal of free information on YouTube about it. Type in EMT and also FEMT, which is just a way to accomplish the same thing faster.

#3 Deep Breathing 

Meditation and deep breathing
Deep breathing and simple meditation techniques that help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Dr. Oz had invited a special guest on his show a few different times. His name is Deepak Chopra. He’s written many books as well as created some videos that cover this subject. I believe in simple so I would recommend simple breathing and placing your focus on your breathing.

I’ve also read a similar approach to meditation this way in the book, “The Willpower Instinct”. This book covers how to manage and maintain self-control. One of the main things I was able to really use from this book was meditation using the breathing technique.

I highly recommend this as a way to help you get to sleep faster.

Forgiveness and Approval (something to meditate on)

This one is a little more complicated to explain. However, when it comes to calming our emotions and our minds sometimes we have to dig deeper.

Many times it involves forgiving and approving of ourselves and or others.

For this I recommend a few different books. The Genie in Your Genes covers this subject in a very scientific way.

There are studies that prove we are greatly affected by positive and negative energy.

Prayer is scientifically proven to increase our positive energy. And the feelings we have when we hold a grudge or in a sense we are unforgiving of ourselves or others, these emotions give off negative energy.

Some of the things people have been able to accomplish using the techniques of releasing negative energy is amazing. You’ll have to read the book to really “get it”. It’s well worth it. I think you can get this book for as little as $3.00 or $4.00 on Amazon. The Willpower Instinct is a few dollars more; used of course.

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