Measles Outbreak: Who Really is to Blame?


Public Outrage Over Parents
Who Don’t Vaccinate

should i vaccinate my childMany parents who place a top priority on maintaining a more “organic” approach to health care are asking themselves, “Should I vaccinate my children?” This has become a very heated debate, much of which occurs when children become of school age.

Both sides of this debate deserve attention. There are several serious reasons why children should be vaccinated and a few good reasons why some should not.

All parents who are considering whether or not to vaccinate their child would be wise to do some intense research before they make their decision, regardless of what the decision is.

It is not up to our friends or even our outside family members, it is up to the parents or current guardians. And before saying “NO” to vaccinations or even “YES”, parents need to consider the repercussions of the decision.

The results of a child becoming infected by a disease due to not being vaccinated can be devastating not only to the child, but to the parents and family members as well.

The question that should be asked is this, “Why am I opposed to vaccinating my child?”

Is Fake News Responsible for Parental Panic?

autism vaccination conspiracyDepending on where you live, you may remember the mass hysteria regarding the increase in the number of autistic children being associated with vaccinations.

I personally remember reading this very long multi-paged report. What you may not know is that this report was from a physician who later retracted his claims admitting to doctoring up the data.

Even though his data was discredited due to unethical data collection and documentation, the panic remained rooted into the minds of the public.

This inspired further properly documented studies (over 12) that provided enough evidence to the contrary. Yet, the damage ran deep. Many people chose to believe in the conspiracy theories that resulted from this one doctor’s falsified documents. The conspiracies ran wild.

There was no way to take this back. This one doctor delivered a huge blow to the validity of vaccinating children.

The Damages Are
Far Reaching and Deadly

In the past year here in the US and I would imagine world-wide, people are well-aware of how much damage fake news has on the public. Yet, what we all need to think about is the fact that fake news has been propagated since…. ? Perhaps the first newspaper was published?

In the words of a famous TV doctor, “Everybody lies!”

fake news reports about vaccinationsWhat really brings it to a hot boiling mess is the enormity of just how much of our news is infected with false, faked, or outdated news reports.

Are journalists even required to check their sources anymore? When a reporter “reports” an event in the media it can easily get out of control, quickly becoming viral online. The same can be said from a single person, someone without any credentials at all. Once something is out there and it goes viral; you can’t take it back.

Some of these viral reports started out as pranks and due to social media they go viral having flash flood-like results around the world. Some fake news springs forth from irresponsible people in positions of authority such as the doctor who generated fake studies and caused many parents to take a stand against vaccinating their children.

Can you blame them? Listen, at that time the data according to that one physician’s report was making it out like 1 out of every 160 children vaccinated become autistic.

Whooping Cough is
Still Going Strong

Back in the 80’s two different couples who are some of my most treasured friends decided not to vaccinate their children for Whooping cough. And all of these children ended up contracting it. They were very fortunate that all of them recovered.

However, what any parent who does not vaccinate their child should consider is this; infants who are too young to be vaccinated can become infected and die from a carrier of this disease.

This is why parents who do vaccinate their children become so heated up when they discover their child has been exposed to other children who are not vaccinated.

Last year (2016) there were 42 cases of Whooping cough reported in the US. Two people I personally associate with got it. So, not all of these diseases that our children are being vaccinated for are eradicated or extinct.

Do Your Research!

Imagine the world without vaccinations. Think about it for a moment. Consider Polio to start. Polio killed and paralyzed many people when it was first discovered. This was one of the most feared diseases in the US after its outbreak in 1894.

Until 1955 this disease killed and or paralyzed thousands yearly. Today, thanks to previously mandatory vaccinations in children there has not been a reported case of Polio since 1979 in the US or UK as well as most every other country around the world.

This makes us feel safe. So what’s the harm in parents selecting not to vaccinate their children?

Some say their is no way that Polio could resurface in the US. However, there is no place in the world where people do not travel from one country and carry with them germs, disease, viruses, and bacteria.

Now it’s time to do a Google News search, Search, “Reported case of polio” and you will learn of 13 different cases of children becoming infected with Polio in Afghanistan.

Those are “reported” cases. Not everyone goes to the doctor when they are sick. I don’t. It takes a lot to get me to go. I believe in natural remedies. Yet, I also believe that children should be vaccinated. However, I would never give any parent advice either way.

But the fact remains, many diseases go unreported due to the person never being diagnosed and some areas where diseases are simply not documented such as they are in most countries around the world.

When Should Parents
Not Choose to Vaccinate?

If you’re a parent in a real quandary over whether or not you should vaccinate your child, consider the pro’s and con’s. But consider more than your child or family. What if your children contracted Whooping cough and the symptoms were not evident or diagnosed and an infant was exposed to your children while they carried the disease?

Research the question of whether or not to vaccinate your children. Check with the CDC and learn everything you need to know before you make your decision.

What Are The Risks?

For one, it is important that some children are not vaccinated during times of sickness or if they have certain allergies. Sometimes it means a child who is at risk needs to wait for a period of time until they are healthy enough to handle the vaccination.

The health risks associated with not vaccinating our children outweigh the risks that come from vaccinating them.

The CDC and FDA,
Can We Trust Them?

Honestly, the problem with relying on the CDC or FDA is more about the overwhelming tasks they have of protecting the public. They don’t have enough manpower or time to do their job properly. They cannot properly monitor what goes into all of the vaccines from the wide variety of sources they are obtained from.

Click here to read the article about our Trusted Authorities Epic Fails, an enlightening expose on what their job really entails and why who’s to blame for the poorly monitored safety regarding health related issues.

The bottom line is this; it’s up to YOU. You must do your research and decide what is right for your family.

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