Emotional Hacks to Lower Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and Depression: Finding solid solutions to calming our emotions can be as simple as understanding what is triggering the depression or anxiety. Once you know the cause you can move forward toward finding a solution. Brain hacks into the way we THINK can help decrease and even eliminate depression and anxiety.


Understanding what is going on inside your own body can sometimes be quite scary. If you don’t know what is causing the feelings of panic, fear or stress, it’s difficult to know how to address these symptoms.

understanding anxiety and depression

The first step moving forward in a positive direction regarding our health is understanding the root cause of our health issues causing us pain such as depression or anxiety.

I’m not a Dr. or in any way here to give you medical advice. However, I will share what I have learned that has helped me through some horrible times of stress and anxiety. Perhaps you will something helpful within this article well.

anxiety VERSUS depression

anxiety caused by thinking of the futureAnxiety comes from thinking about what is going to happen or what might happen in the future.

Many times the things we fear about the future never come to reality. Our minds are very powerful and mysterious organs. So powerful that our negative thoughts can lead to serious health issues from things we fear might happen, but never do.

This is why it is vital to take steps on calming our minds and gaining control over our emotions. We can do this by learning how to live in the moment, or living for today, rather than taking on the anxieties of our future tomorrows.

Let go of the past to relieve depressionDepression comes from thinking about the past.

Thinking about what we should have done and wishing that we had made different choices can have a serious impact on how we feel today.

Punishing our mind with regrets or guilt about what happened in the past accomplishes nothing positive but can do a lot of harm to our health.

So whether we are looking in the past or looking into the future we need to put both into proper perspective. Once we do that we can manage our emotional responses to events we remember in the past as well as how we look at the future.

Use The Past as a Positive Tool for Success

You cannot change the past. Nothing you do today can ever change what has already occurred in the past. However, you can have an influence on your future by learning from past mistakes.

For example: We live in a world that harrasses us every single day with advertisements that encourage us to spend money. And no matter how much we consciously realize that is the goal of the ads we look at we are still susceptible to buying things we don’t need.

If we take a moment to reflect on the past with the right goal in mind, it can change our entire viewpoint on mistakes and failures.

How so?

Think about something you’ve done in the past that had a bad outcome. I know that when I eat out at fast food restaurants I will most likely feel pretty yucky for the rest of the day.

So, I can look back on the day and think, “IDIOT!” smacking myself in the head and asking myself WHY… WHY… WHY… did I do that when I know the result is never good.

Or, I can sit myself down and think. How can I avoid putting myself in a position where I end up buying fast food?

Once I know how it happened, I can take it to the next level and…

Create a Plan

Overcome depression and anxiety with a plan of action

The key is learning from mistakes and not repeating those mistakes. But knowing we’ve made a mistake and not repeating those mistakes are two different things.

Because our best intentions may not be enough to stop us from getting into the same situation where we end up repeating our mistakes.

That’s why it’s vital that we create a plan because plans help us to not only navigate through dangerous territory it can help us prepare in advance to actually avoid those territories.

As an example, consider creating a plan to get out of debt. There are many ways we can adjust our budget so we can avoid becoming depressed over paying for things we don’t need or spending money on subscription plans or services we can do without.

Creating a plan to avoid making the same mistakes in the future will help us look at the past in a more positive way. We can learn from our mistakes and realize that our past is no longer hurting us.

Living in the moment

Overcoming Anxiety by Living in the MomentWhat does that mean? When it comes to anxiety, much of our emotional distress is created from thinking about what will happen in the future. However, we are limited in what we can do to influence our future.

We cannot work in the future. We can create a plan for what we want to do in the future, but we can only work the things within that plan that apply to today. Which means if we want to make the most of today, we need a plan.

Ask anyone who’s successful and they will tell you that they did it by following a plan. The anxiety will not go away if you simply yourself to worry and stress about tomorrow.

Put your energy to good use. Create a plan. Look at what you can do and then make a plan to do it.

You may find that a lot of your anxiety is due to putting a much of the work involved in your future on your shoulders today.

A friend of mine helped me to see that as long as I did my best today and did what I “could” accomplish today… there was no reason for me to feel guilty or stressed out about what I could not do.

I cannot begin to tell you how much this changed my perspective. So much so that my anxiety over our future financial situation was eliminated. I am doing the best I can. I created a plan and every day I stick to that plan I feel really good about it.

We punish our minds when we focus on what we things we have no control over. Look at what you’re doing. You can be proud of what you do if you are doing your best. Only you know what your best is.

Continue reading for more strategies to overcome anxiety and depression.

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