Eating Once a Day – Solution or Metabolism Nightmare?

Does eating anything you want appeal to you? What if you can lose all the weight you want while doing so? That is one of the big claims of the Warrior - Eating Once a Day Diet. It works for warriors and Monks, but will it work for you?


The attraction to
the once a day eating plan…

Trending Diets#1 The top reason is truly evilicious. So good if my stomach was the size of a football I might just fall right into this one.

You can eat “anything” and “everything” your heart desires.

Now THAT sounds super. It’s also one of the most prolific ideas that push people into any new trendsetting fad diet. And it’s exactly what’s made food industries richer and the world fatter.

In the US alone obesity has increased from less than 10% of the population in most stats to over 25%. The cause? Feasting on whatever pleases the taste buds. Big and even smaller food corporations discovered that adding sugar and or fat to almost every prepackaged food item made it sell faster off the shelves.

Don’t worry, before you really understand the reality of how following a diet plan like this will wreak havoc on your metabolism, you need to grasp the philosophy behind it. Which leads us into why the second top reason why eating once a day is so attractive will fail.

#2 Insane Energy

warrior diet eating once a dayRaise your hand if you want to lose more than 30 pounds? Most likely if you’re desperate to lose weight, you don’t wake up all bubbly and ready to conquer another day. Maybe some of you are one of those morning people that have energy no matter what you weight, but for the majority, we need help getting out of bed in the morning.

Why? Because a diet that lacks enough nutrition to fuel the body will naturally or rather “unnaturally” feel slothlike. So eating whatever you want for that one meal a day may not be as fantastic as your taste buds were aching for.

Losing weight should never be about losing weight. Instead it should be about becoming healthier and choosing to eat your nutrition rather than eating anything your eyes, heart and taste buds desire.

Which means that if you are going to eat just one meal a day you better pack in 3 or 4 fruits. Add in about 5 or more servings (at least a pound) of mostly green veggies along with red, yellow, and purple to get in your veggie rainbow.

Lastly, you’ll want to toss in a really good bit of protein. Think 2 chicken breasts or a really big steak, or a lot of greek yogurt and eggs. You get the idea.

Wait, you’re not done. You also need some really good fats so be sure you eat a whole avocado and if you have a tiny bit of room left, don’t forget to add in some nuts.

If you can do all that, you’re stomach is going to bust for sure. You could of course just juice your fruits and veggies but then you’ll be removing all the fiber which means you have to eat a few cups of black beans to make up for it.


IF and this is a really really BIG IF… If you are going to eat just one meal a day and enjoy it, what about all those yummy foods that you were told you could eat to your hearts or rather, stomach limitations content?

And that my friend brings us to the next reason why eating once a day “sounds” like a good idea.

#3 Never feel deprived of the foods you crave. Well, believe me, if you eat all those foods you crave; pizza, pie, brownies, fudge sundaes, big juicy burger with fries, you won’t feel energized, you won’t feel productive, you’ll feel like crap.

Oh, that’s number 4 by the way.

#4 Yep, feeling super productive with the clarity of mind that only Monks seems to acquire with years and years of eating just once a day. The only thing is, Monks don’t eat meals for the benefit of their eyes or taste buds. So, that puts a bit of a damper on the idea that you can be both productive and eat junk-food at the same time doesn’t it?

Which leads me to the last reason why the idea that eating only once a day is a healthy way to diet is full of a fantasy that rivals that of being invited on the set of the next Star Wars movie.

#5 Everything tastes better. Say what? Hold on now. If we can eat anything we want in as much quantity as our bellies can take, are we not eating things that taste seriously awesome in the first place?

paleo 30 day challengeNow that we’ve taken a closer look at these five reasons why eating once a day is NOT a weight loss miracle diet. It is a fantastic diet for Monks and it is sadly, the diet that many people around the world are forced to live with, but it is most definitely riddled with misleading ideas for the average human.

Which brings us to a real solution to permanent weight loss. If you really want to lose weight and keep it off, continue reading the next article, The Top Five Permanent Weight Loss Hacks

The Warrior Diet or Eating Once a Day diet may work great for people who are seriously in shape and have a lifestyle that allows them to reap the benefits of this type of lifestyle. But what about people that just want to lose weight and maybe even get healthy at the same time?

There are reasons why we eat many times a day and there are reasons why our stomachs only take in so much food at a time. If you really want to lose weight, you need to think hard about the lifelong commitment that eating once a day will require.

And… you must consider the lifelong damage you may be doing to your body should you attempt this diet. For instance, eating once a day will slow your metabolism way down. It’s only an issue if you cannot stick to this way of eating for the rest of your life.

But if you do this for the short term, yes, you’ll lose a lot of weight, but when you start eating again, what do you think will happen? You guessed it, the weight will quickly come back on and then some!

So think about it… do more research, don’t follow the trends like a Lemming. You know those cute little fuzzy critters that have a reputation for following the leader sometimes and so sadly to their deaths.

There are other ways to lose weight, and they do include exercise and limits on what you can eat and how much of it you can eat.

Take into consideration that you need to adjust your eating habits permanently. Over the short term you can go on a type of done-for-you diet plan which will help with getting you started, but over the long run you need to realize going back to old habits will only mean your old fat will return as well.

One of the most important ways you can boost your fat loss is by building muscle and cutting out processed foods.

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