Discovery of Mysterious Illness Linked to Legalizing Cannabis

Doctors finding more patients coming forward with symptoms related to long term use of cannabis. The disease associated with medical and recreational uses of cannabis went undetected for decades. Watch and share this article to spread awareness.


marijuana linked to chs diseaseBefore legalization of medical marijuana the disease, cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, (CHS) was an unknown cause of symptoms patients who are long term smokers. The disease causes severe dehydration due to ongoing nausea and vomiting.

One connection attributed to the proper diagnoses of people affected by this disease is the main way patients find relief of their symptoms when taking hot showers.

While this disease can be subsided within a few days of abstinence from smoking marijuana, it is important that patients are aware of what the disease is, how it develops and what symptoms are linked to it so it can be properly diagnosed when seeking medical care.

Until the legalization of cannabis many patients were misdiagnosed by their doctors due to fear of reporting personal use of an illegal drug. Without a proper diagnoses patience continued to smoke marijuana, possibly thinking it is known to relieve nausea and in the process continue to make things worse.

Extreme health issues such as kidney failure can develop quickly due to extreme dehydration.

Different Strains Can Generate SEriously Negative Results

There is a strain of cannabis that has equal amounts of CBD and THC. The cultivation of this strain can greatly reduce psychoactivity yet maintain the medicinal value. The sad fact is many people smoke marijuana as a way of self-medication; gaining relief to pain, both physical and emotional.

However, there are many different strains of cannabis and while some may be helpful in relieving some of the symptoms many strains do the opposite. Some people may find they are more depressed, anxious and paranoid. Yet, just as in the disease CHS, people smoking it to obtain relief, may not associate the negative side effects with long term usage of cannabis.

The controversy over this substance as both a medical and recreational drug has remained one of the more strongly debated issues over the past few decades. Far too many medications do more harm than good and the data that leads to the removal of them can take years to accumulate.

Legalization Does Not
Guarantee any drug is Safe

Meanwhile, the public is under the impression that prescribed or legalized substances must be safe. The majority of the public would most likely love to blame the FDA for not doing their job in protecting public health.

Before doing a lot of research on the responsibilities of major health entities such as the FDA or CDC I too would point a finger that way. However, as with anything in this world; money weighs in the balance of protecting the public.

Lance Crowder, one man who finally received a proper diagnoses commented that he’d rather live life without the side effects of taking marijuana. Anyone who’s ever experienced ongoing nausea and vomiting would most certainly agree.

It’s truly up to you and I to do the research needed before taking any medication, regardless of whether or not it is prescribed, over-the-counter and legal.

Health issues many times cannot be addressed in any other way but by taking a prescribed drug or medication. However, some of the reasons why people seek relief by taking over-the-counter medications and drugs such as cannabis, legal or not, may be addressed by more natural methods.

Pain relief, help sleeping, and even things like having a break from a stressful environment or job are some reasons why people smoke marijuana. However, sometimes a change in diet, elimination of certain foods, or changes in the environment could bring about even better results.

The original purpose or idea behind a physician’s code was the idea that nutrition was KEY to better health. Over time corporations discovered the billions of dollars that are easily and quickly made by manufacturing medicine as the solution to health issues.

This is when things started to change in how medical training was delivered. Drug companies started to provide financial support in areas where they could begin to control how the medical professionals were trained. And today it is truly shameful just how far this training has turned from the promise to “Do No Harm”, into one that has been harmful on many different levels.

For decades doctors have been trained not to focus on food or nutrition but rather to focus treating patients by turning to drugs. It is up to us to learn how much our bodies can benefit from natural methods of pain, stress, and other issues that doctors prescribe medications for.

detoxing the body to feel betterOne of the many ways for the body to recuperate is by way of a detox cleanse.

If you a friend or family loved one is in need of removing toxins from your body, click here and see what others have used to feel better.

Medications can remain in the fat cells of our bodies and continue to cause us to feel sick even long after we stop taking them.

Deadly Over-The-Counter Medications

A really good example of self-medications that lead to death is how people manage headaches and other body aches. Headaches often times are the result of caffeine withdrawal, unknown or ignored food or environmental allergies, lack of exercise, need of a neck adjustment via a chiropractor, or relaxation of the mind and body.

Drugs and Over-The-Counter Medications are NOT 100% SAFE!

Yet, over the past 50 years or so the solution for “any” headache has been to take an over-the-counter aid such as aspirin. Every year in the US there are more than 15,000 deaths linked to the over uses of aspirin and other NSAIDs. In addition to the reported deaths, 100,000 people are hospitalized.

The good news is that you and I don’t have to accept medications as our “only” solution. If you have Netflix try watching, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and you’ll get a really good idea of just how far nutrition can improve your health.

Before you grab the next bottle of aspirin you may want to take a few minutes and consider other options. Diet, nutrition, exercise, and perhaps a quiet place to meditate. Oh, and one of my favorites, a nice hot bath. 🙂

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  1. Marijuana is not legalise in Australia yet for any purpose but I have been watching with interest a local TV show that shows our Police Highway Patrol doing random drug tests as well as random alcohol testing. If people come up positive for drugs they are given a similar sentence to those found with alcohol in their system. At no time are they facing charges for actually smoking the dope or are their vehicles searched which seems very odd to me.
    I am currently battling a Marijuana addiction or maybe dependency with my 20 year old son. Hoping he will see what it is doing to him sooner rather than later.
    Thanks for the great info

    • It’s hard on everyone really. When my son first decided to start smoking he presented us with this massive paper which brought out all the benefits of the plant. One of the more convincing thing for “him” was that it was “natural”. And just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for us. I do feel a lot of empathy for anyone that has to take medication of any kind. The problem really is in a lack of solutions for people suffering from pain, anxiety, and other things they feel marijuana is helping.

      Unfortunately, there are far too many strains and uncontrolled ways that people use it. Any normal prescription has a limit on how the medication is taken. Marijuana does not. That is one of my main peeves with legalization of it. If you’re going to make it legal, find a way for it to be safe. Or at least help people understand the long term damages such as this newly discovered disease with cannabis.