Avoid Tinnitus Scams: Try Free Sound Therapy

This article will help you find answers to the following questions, What causes Tinnitus? What is that buzzing sound in my ears? Will the hissing sounds in my ears ever go away? Are there any home remedies to stop the ringing in my ears? Please share it with those you love so they can avoid wasting their time and money on Tinnitus "cure" scams.


If you have Tinnitus or perhaps you are looking to help a loved one cope with this condition, it’s important to understand that ear protection is something everyone be concerned with. There are also many different sound therapy’s to help you cope, these are not “cures” but rather, helpful ways to distract your mind so you can sleep, nap, or get lost in a better sounding environment.

natural ways to stop ears ringingMy husband and I both have Tinnitus. Sometimes, although it’s rare, it wakes me up at night.

If you experience the frustrations of ringing, buzzing, whistling, or other constant annoying sounds in your ears, you most likely have Tinnitus.

There are a few types of therapies to help you cope, especially when you’re trying to rest or sleep, but finding a cure, that will be more difficult.

However, sometimes Tinnitus is caused from infections or misaligned jaw bones. I’ve included videos that cover those issues as well as some therapies that many people find helpful.

best ear protection While it’s may not be possible to undo the damage that has already occurred, you may want to get protective ear muffs or ear plugs to prevent further damage.

If you have children, protect their ears now so they can avoid Tinnitus and develop the habit of wearing protective ear muffs or plugs from their youth up.

Whenever I have to use our weed cutter or help my husband with some type of task that includes loud drilling, grinding, or other such noises we both wear protective ear muffs that really cut down the noise levels.

The following video will help you better comprehend what causes Tinnitus and how the brain and inner ears are effected by those causes.┬áThis really is well worth watching to the end. The more you understand, the better you’ll feel about your condition.

Desperation Makes Us Vulnerable to Scam Products

As of today my research I have yet to find any medically related documentation of a cure for Tinnitus. However, I have found some promising treatments that may help many people, my husband and I included, to gain some relief and or even a cure.

One so-called cure is the Tinnitus Terminator. After researching in a Tinnitus support group I discovered that the product is promoted by two different actors, each claiming to be the same person.

It’s one thing to pay an actor to promote a product for you, it’s another to hid that fact from the public. That’s why when we see actors portraying relief by using a sponsored product on TV you can read the little annotation that tells you if they are real people or actors.

It took me a while to find them, but a few people related their experience with the company and none of them had good things to report. However, what really saddened me was some people who are desperate to gain relief said they were going to buy it anyway.

If you are someone who’s having serious emotional distress from Tinnitus, there is no need to buy that product because you can try the technique, which is related to sound therapies found in this article.

Natural Home Remedies
for Relief of Tinnitus Symptoms

Please do report to me if any of these videos are no longer working or if you research a bit farther and find there is an inappropriate monetary motivation behind the scenes. I have absolutely nothing against someone earning an income from their honest efforts so please only report “evil” intention to gain.

#1 Natural Tinnitus Home Remedies: In this video Dr. Berg talks about the two possible causes of tinnitus, ringing of the ears. There are two main causes, (1) viral infection and (2) soft tissue calcium.

#2 Self Ear Adjustments: These are very simple adjustments you can try at home. The side benefit is these adjustments are helpful for relieving the pressure that builds up inside your ears when ascending or descending from higher altitudes.

#3 Using Acupressure Points: Yasuko Kowamura, a board certified acupressure therapist walks you through using 5 acupressure around your ears. As with anything I am sure one session may not reveal any relief.

However, it’s worth trying a few times a day to see if over time it can provide some relief in the volume of the ringing or hissing sounds, or overcoming the feelings of vertigo.

Retraining the Brain Through Sound Therapy

#4 Sound Therapy: There are two ways to use sound therapy. The first video is one that I am currently in the process of trying. I really liked this next guy, Henrik Ryosa, who is a member of a Tinnitus support group. He talked briefly about an ongoing sound therapy study that is showing promising results.

The Tinnitus support community requested that he set up a video to help understand how to create a personalized sound therapy segment. Of all the videos I have watched, this one is the one I feel has the greatest possibility of helping many people relieve or even eliminate Tinnitus.

I’ll be sure to report back once I have been able to set up my own sound clip.

This next video is simply white noise with a pattern of various intermittent tones that play in a loop. When I first listened to this one I didn’t like it but I decided to listen for a few minutes just for the heck of it.

After a few minutes listened to several others like this one and found myself wanting to listen to this video again. Almost like a craving. So, I figure my brain my like it for some reason and I’ve listened to it a few times this morning before writing this article.

When I sit still and listen, the ringing in my ears seems to grow louder. I’m sure you experience this too. When we can filter out the noise (ringing, whooshing, hissing) in our heads, it becomes so faint it seems softer or quieter. I think you can only understand what I’m saying if you have Tinnitus.

Regardless of whether it’s helping or not, I am planning on continuing with the sound therapy to see if I can gain relief at least in the volume. This video is the one that appealed to me.

After listening to this one you can try a few others types of which I will list below the video. You can also conduct a search in YT for “Tinnitus Sound Therapy”. There’s a lot you can choose from to see if any of them appeal to you.


This next type of sound therapy isn’t about creating a treatment but rather a way to mask out and distract your mind from the symptoms and effects of Tinnitus.

Blue Noise – This video sounds a bit like a continuous rain. It runs for 2 hours and I could see no ad spots so if you need about 2 hours of uninterrupted rainfall sounds to take a nap or distract you while you work, but not so much as to distract you from your work, give this one a shot.

Sleep Music – To sleep you need sounds that are going to help you drift off while the music masks the ringing in your ears. To find this type of sound therapy type in “Sleeping music”.

Tinnitus Sound Therapy – I’ve recently come across a site that includes another type of sound therapy for Tinnitus. The goal I believe is to lower the volume by training the brain to block it out. You can read the article here.

Brain and Body Hacks for Improving Your Sleep

Lastly, if you find you have trouble sleeping, you may find the following articles helpful:

9 HACKS FOR Better Sleep – This article offers several methods for calming your mind down before you sleep, helpful strategies to get back to sleep, and possible food or drinks that may be inhibiting you from a restful night of sleep.

12 Hacks to Wake Up Feeling Better – Sometimes the reasons why it’s difficult to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day or the motivation to crawl out of your warm cozy covers, is actually due to what you’ve done the previous day. This article covers 12 strategies for getting to sleep faster, staying asleep longer, and waking up more refreshed and in a better mood.

How to Avoid or Lower Your Risk of Getting Tinnitus

If you have children, friends or family members who listen to loud music, wear head phones, or work in a loud environment, please share this article with them. If anything have them listen to the example of what Tinnitus sounds like. Perhaps it will motivate them to treat their ears with more respect.

To help prevent your risk of getting Tinnitus, the best solution is to avoid loud music and or wear ear plugs that don’t cancel or mute out all sound, instead they reduce the

protect your ears from tinnitus#1 Night Clubbing – Please invest in a pair of high quality ear plugs.

Want to know what it sounds like? Click here. Jeff is one of the people in the video, the tone he experiences is almost exactly the same as the most prominent tone I hear in my ears.

I watched a video of one man who said he wished he had spent the money on a proper pair of ear plugs for using at the night club where he worked. He actually paid about $200 for a pair molded specifically for his ears.

acoustic ear plugsYou can get a really good pair on Amazon that look pretty good in your ears. You can read more about them here. They don’t cancel out the noise, they simply reduce the harmful frequencies.

My goal in this article was to help others like me who suffer from Tinnitus find ways to gain even a little bit of relief WITHOUT falling pray to scammers that take advantage of our distressful condition.

Please do bookmark this article, PIN an image or two on Pinterest, share your thoughts, and know that you’re not alone. If you have only just started experiencing Tinnitus symptoms, try not to panic. It does become easier to ignore over time.



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