Welcome to Health Cubby, a website dedicated to better health. My name is Chrisi, and I started this site to help others who struggle with weight and other health issues.

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Health Cubby is About Weight & Healthy Lifestyle Management

Managing weight loss is a challenge. In the past 25 years the obesity rate in the US has gone from many states having less than 5% to as high as 14% in a few states. Today the obesity rate is no less than 20% in any state and over 10 states have a 30% or better obesity rate.

Obesity or being overweight is not just about the emotional damage and physical appearance of having too much fat on our bodies. There are many health issues and diseases that can be overcome when you understand the root causes of obesity.

The fact is even people who are thin can have serious health related problems due to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. However, what makes up a healthy diet requires a lot of research and determination to uncover the whole truth. Not just what the media or world of commerce wants us to believe.

I personally cope with chronic pain, fatigue, and problems associated with these health conditions. As I continue to research ways I can improve my health I have uncovered the truth about things I was totally clueless about.

One of the most shocking things I’ve learned recently is just how overwhelmed the authorities that that are put in place to protect public health. There is no way that these authorities can protect us from the billion dollar companies that are geared toward getting people to buy products at “any” cost in order to continue to reap the financial rewards.

My goal is to share what I learn so others can benefit from my research as well. Because of my health I am unable to work offline. My time is compensated by placing ads on this site. I do enjoy writing and researching this subject and knowing it may also be helping others is very rewarding.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please do comment if you find the information helpful.

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